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“Violent Water-Vessel Interactions and Related Structural Loads”

Theoretical-numerical and experimental phenomenon of water on deck. Development of a three-dimensional model based on domain decomposition strategy for the prediction of global and local loads acting on the bridge and superstructure of the ship. Theoretical and experimental-numerical sloshing phenomenon with particular emphasis to the study of the phenomenon of air entrapment during the impact of waves c lie from the container walls. Development of a 3D model-SPH to study the phenomenon of sloshing. Validation of the SPH solver and Level-Set based on single and two-phase solution of the Euler or Navier Stokes equations to study the phenomenon of sloshing in 2D with 3D extension to the case. Experimental study of the phenomenon of sloshing in 2D and 3D containers with particular emphasis on the problem of air entrapment. Study the problem of the impact of waves against the walls.
Organismi finanziatori: 
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Durata prevista: 
60 mesi
Data di inizio: 
Copertura dei costi: 
Entrate totali (INSEAN): 
500.000 €