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Development and validation of experimental and numerical tools for predicting the hydrodynamic radiated noise and wake downstream of the hulls of surface ships. Development of numerical techniques based on ``finite volume'' as well as ``particles'' methods for the simulation of wave pattern formation in the presence of breaking waves; development of simplified models for simulating propeller hull-interaction; implementation of algorithms for predicting the hydrodynamic noise radiation. Simulation of flow around hulls in rectilinear forward motion, in the presence of breaking waves and propeller, and noise prediction. Measurement of velocity field, pressure and wave pattern formation, with uncertainty analysis, for the construction of experimental data bases, through tank model tests and sea trials, for the validation of the models developed.
Organismi finanziatori: 
European Defence Agency
Durata prevista: 
36 mesi
Data di inizio: 
Copertura dei costi: 
Entrate totali (INSEAN): 
700.000 €