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Emilio F. Campana


Research interests

  • Simulation Based Design and Numerical Optimization
    • Simulation-Based Design for complex coupled systems (Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, MDO)
    • Variable fidelity models
    • Particle SWARM global Optimization (PSO)
    • PSO algorithms for Single and Multi-objective problems
  • Wave Breaking and Vorticity Free-surface interaction
    • Vorticity and free-surface interaction
    • Surface tension effects on breaking waves
    • Scale effects on bow waves
  • Ship hydrodynamics
    • Potential flow modeling for ship hydrodynamics
    • Free surface flow generated by breaking of bow waves

Other research interests

  • Extreme motion and Capsize
  • Drag reduction with microbubbles
  • Vorticity dynamics
  • Geophysical flows

List of publications & Conference papers

Curriculum Vitae