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EU-FP7 Project MaRINET

MaRINET is a new network which aims to accelerate the development of marine renewable energy (wave, tidal & offshore-wind) by bringing together world-class testing facilities at all scales to offer EU-funded testing and to coordinate focussed R&D.

The network comprises 42 testing facilities from 28 research centres in 12 countries.Funding to the project under the umbrella of EU-FP7 is mainly aimed at removing financial barriers by enabling companies and research groups to access unique world-class European testing facilities outside their own country, which is generally not covered under national grant schemes.


Five projects granted after the fifth and last call for Trans-National Access (TNA) proposals are now underway at CNR-INSEAN facilities.


For more information, visit:


For more information about access to CNR-INSEAN facilities please contact:


Dr. Francesco Salvatore

Ocean Renewable Energy Team


Phone: +39-06-50299313

Fax: +39-06-5070619