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NICOP CATAMARANS “Complementary EFD and CFD Analysis of Calm Water Hydrodynamics and Large Amplitude Motion for High-Speed Catamarans”

Study of viscous effects on interference between the hulls and analysis of large-scale motions for high-speed catamarans. Experimental and numerical study of hydrodynamic characteristics of models of catamarans in calm water; measures of global forces, velocity field and wave formation, analysis of the phenomenon of interference and dependence on the Reynolds number, the number of Forude and the distance of separation between hulls. Experimental study of the estate to the sea in regular waves and rough sea, analysis of nonlinear phenomena.
Organismi finanziatori: 
US Navy - Office of Naval Research
Durata prevista: 
35 mesi
Data di inizio: 
Copertura dei costi: 
Entrate totali (INSEAN): 
131.000 €