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PRIAMO “Propeller Rudder Interaction Analysis and MOdelling”

Study of the propeller-rudder interaction and development of a potential flow model for the characterization and the prediction of fluid dynamic performance of a rudder operating in the wake of a propeller. Development of design and verification tools of high performance rudder that ensures low noise emission from the ship, thus improving hydrodynamic and hydroacoustic performance. Theoretical and experimental support will be provided for the development of an algorithm to optimize the rudder shape. Experimental tests are planned involving LDV, PIV, measure of pressure field, with high speed camera visualisation and ``time resolved'' dynamometric measurements.
Organismi finanziatori: 
Ministry of Defence
Durata prevista: 
36 mesi
Data di inizio: 
Copertura dei costi: 
Entrate totali (INSEAN): 
480.000 €