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SILENV “Ship oriented Innovative solutions to reduce Noise & Vibrations”

The consequences of noise and Vibrations from a ship constitute a disturbance for passengers, harbor area residents and, in some cases, a health issue for crew members. Moreover, the increasing ship traffic generated underwater noise causes ecological nuisances on marine wildlife. The project SILENV aims at reducing ship-generated Noise \& Vibrations pollution. After a definition of realistic target levels, existing experimental data from many types of ships and on-site measurements will be analyzed to identify the most critical sources of Noise \& Vibrations. Innovative solutions will be listed and individually assessed on technical and economical criteria. These solutions shall be virtually tested and refined on numerical models to investigate on possible and realistic improvements. SILENV final main deliverable is a ``green label'' proposal including recommended target levels for Noise \& Vibrations and associated design guidelines.
Organismi finanziatori: 
European Union
Durata prevista: 
36 mesi
Data di inizio: 
Copertura dei costi: 
Entrate totali (INSEAN): 
250.000 €