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CEIMM Cavitation Tunnel

CEIMM Cavitation Tunnel has a squared (0.6 m side), 2.6 m long, closed jet type test section. The nozzle contraction ratio is 5.96 and the speed range is 3-12 m/s. Static pressure can be controlled in the range 300-1500 mbar.

The test section has perspex windows on the four walls to enable the optical access required for cavitation observation on propeller. Propeller models up to 300 mm in diameter can be tested in the facility. The facility is equipped with main shaft dynamometers J15, and Kempfs & Remmers H40. The latter one for inclined shaft testing. Three components and five components balances are used for rudder and profile testing.

The facility is equipped with high speed camera and high resolution image acquisition system. Suitable illuminations system are available for the above systems. Pressure transducers and hydrophones are available for acoustic testing. State-of-the-art laser velocimetry LDV, PIV, SPIV and defocusing PIV are available.

Propeller test at CEIMM Cavitation Tunnel


Scheme of CEIMM Cavitation Tunnel