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Eco-sustainability of maritime transport

The activities related to this research area take place in a scenario which generates a growing concern about the deterioration of environmental quality. The sea, while being a substantial portion of  the environment of our planet, is the site to many production (and leisure) activities, and site to many of these activities. The harmful effects of these activitis affect the sea and other parts of the environment. For several years, under the pressure of public opinion, often spread by organizations with specific goals of environmental protection, the institutions tried to coordinate actions against the progreesive degradation of the marine environment, and promoted synergies that can generate organic programs of protection and recovery of appropriate conditions for the protection of marine life. In this framework, it should be viewed the recent EU initiatives to promote political cooperation among those engaged in the marine and coastal environment. A significant role in this respect, it is expected from the research. In this area, a view of the sea as the system seeks to promote a gradual integration of the expertise from the fields of marine science and maritime technologies.