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Free-surface flows and coastal dynamics

Free surface flows play a rather important role on coastal and marine engineering and govern the interaction between atmosphere and ocean. They need dedicated studies which can be either experimental and/or theoretical and numerical. Among the most interesting phenomena, it is worth mentioning the generation and propagation of water waves, the breaking occurrence, the air entrainment and the formation of complex vorticity structures. The mutual interaction between vorticity structures is particularly important when taking place in coastal regions or about the sea bed.
Observation and modelling of the wave dynamics are of interest for the forecasting of the sea state at short and medium term, which is essential
for the safety of navigation. Such aspects are expected to become even more relevant in the future due to the climate change. The rise of the sea level is expected to induce a higher probability of formation of extreme sea states, with a corresponding increase in the risks for navigation and for the marine environment in general. Recent accidents of tanker and offshore structures clearly explain the need for the development of reliable prediction tools.

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