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Hydrodynamics of non-conventional and high-speed vehicles

The module aims to study the hydrodynamic phenomena characteristic of non-conventional marine vehicles and/or high-speed vessels, such as multihull vessels, surface effect ships, planing or vehicles operating under the free surface. The main issues are related to strong non-linear interaction between the fluid and the structure and between the free surface and the vehicle. Both have an important role in the characteristics of dynamic stability. In this context, physical/mathematical models and methods are developed for the description of the peculiar phenomena of the different types of vehicles and different motion conditions. Some of these activities are carried out in the framework for research projects funded by international organizations (NICOP-Catamarans, Hydro-SES), while others are aimed at acquiring additional resources. Other activities mainly based on service, were held in support of shipbuilding and yachting.

Research Themes: