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Manoeuvring Basin (Lake Nemi)

For manoeuvring investigation, INSEAN operates an outdoor station located on the bank of  Lake Nemi, few kilometers away from INSEAN main site. There, standard tests can be performed such as turning manoeuvre, Z manoeuvre, Zig-Zag test, spiral test and crash stop manoeuvres. All tests are carried out on free-running, remote controlled models, using a satellite positioning system (DGPS), a stabilised platform for motion measurements, thrust and torque meters, data acquisition and processing systems.

Description of facility:   outdoor natural basin, test area = 1300 m × 1800 m, maximum depth = 34 m

Instrumentation:   gyro for measuring course angle and its rate of change; balance dynamometer for measuring forces and torque acting on the rudder; model propeller torque and thrust transmission dynamometers; DC tachometer for propeller revolution; rudder angle potentiometer, ship position by DGPS, log, computerised data collection and processing system; model motor power supplies up to 4 kW  

Model size range:   1.5m÷8.0 m

Model tracking techniques:   radio controlled by operator during shore approaching and leaving or in emergency case; computer controlled during manoeuvring tests

Tests performed:   standard manoeuvring tests, such as:

(1) Zig-zag;
(2) Turning circle;
(3) Weave;
(4) Pull-out;
(5) Spiral test;
(6) Crash stop;

Manoeuvring tests at Nemi Lake

Manoeuvring test at Lake Nemi


Scheme of Lake Nemi