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MaRINET2, the Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network, is the EU Horizon 2020 Initiative to provide companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups and researchers with fully-funded access to marine energy experts and the world’s leading offshore energy test facilities.
The project follows the success of the EU FP7-MARINET project (2011-2015), who provided 700 weeks of access to 178 projects and access grants for more than 4 Millions Euro.
This second phase will run from 2017 to 2021. The Consortium is Led by MaREI, the Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland at University College Cork, and is composed of 39 organisations who collaborate to progress offshore renewable energy technologies in Europe. It aims to accelerate the development of wave, tidal and offshore wind energy technologies and infrastructure by opening up access to 57 test facilities across 13 European countries and by carrying on research work to progress on the standardisation of testing in the ocean energy sector.
The first call for proposals for trans-national access to facilities is now open.

Visit the project website for details:

For inquiries about access opportunities at CNR-INSEAN, please contact facility managers:
Dr. Fabio Di Felice – Circulating Water Channel :
Dr. Luigi Fabbri – Wave and Towing Tanks: