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Models, technologies and innovative design systems for maritime transport and marine environment

Recent years have seen an increased interest in composite materials for large boats, to increase performance in terms of speed, load, comfort and to reduce the effect of vibration and noise on the on-board instrumentation. Within the module Innovative materials and processes for marine vehicles the use of smart materials in maritime transport is proposed as a promising technique to improve vessel safety. To innovate the design methodologies of marine vehicles, within the module optimization of marine vehicles, algorithms are developed for robust multi-disciplinary optimization, to solve constrained and unconstrained problems, using synchronous and/or asynchronous parallel computing architectures. In the module Advanced studies for maritime transport and marine environment innovative techniques will be developed for the simulation and experimental tests, including those related to the fluid dynamics of multiphase flows and phase transitions due to cavitation, the fluid-structure interaction, the complex dynamical systems, the prediction and measurement methods for noise generation and its propagation  through the sea and within the vessel.