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CAPEM (Conformal Array Performance Estimation Modeling)


Funding organisation(s): European Defence Agency
Project coordinator organisation: FFI (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment)
Project overall cost: 4700 kEUR
CNR Institute(s) involved: INSEAN
CNR scientific focal point: Elena Ciappi
Project start date: 14.10.2011
Project duration: 48 months
CNR grant: 708 kEUR
INSEAN grant: 708 kEUR
Costs coverage: 50%

Project description, objectives and results:
The project objective is the development of numerical-experimental analysis tools and innovative technological solutions for determining and reducing the noise perceived by sensors aboard naval ships, due to the interaction of elastic structures and turbulent flow around the hull. Fundamental issue are the experimental data collected from sea trials and towing tank tests, using an underwater model of same size and geometry, equipped with instrumentation for measurement of the velocity field, wall pressure fluctuations and of the vibro-acoustic response. The role of CNR-INSEAN is to perform measurements in the towing tank, to develop theoretical prediction models for the fluctuating pressure field and theoretical-numerical models for the vibro-acoustic response.