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MARINET (Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network for emerging Energy Technologies)


Funding organisation(s): European Union
Project coordinator organisation: University College Cork (Ireland)
Project overall cost: 11100 kEUR
CNR Institute(s) involved: INSEAN
CNR scientific focal point: Francesco Salvatore
Project start date: 01.04.2011
Project duration: 54 months
CNR grant: 450 kEUR
INSEAN grant: 450 kEUR
Costs coverage: 75%
Project description, objectives and results:
MaRINET ( is one of the key initiatives under the“EU-FP7 Infrastructures” framework dedicated to the development of technologies for the exploitation of clean and renewable energy from the oceans. The project has made possible to establish a network of experts and leading European infrastructures for testing and developing devices for wave, tidal and offshore wind energy harvesting. Thanks to the “Trans-national Access” funding scheme, this project has supported dozens of R&D activities addressing new technologies. CNR-INSEAN contributes with experimental studies carried out in its wave tank and circulating water channel facilities where large-sized models can be tested under conditions that are closely representatives of device operation in a real marine environment. R&D activities are also aimed at enhancing the comprehension of mechanisms of energy transfer and the development of new testing techniques.