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NICOP FSI (Analysis of global and local slamming induced responses)


Funding organisation(s): US Navy – Office of Naval Research
Project coordinator organisation: NSWC-CD (Naval Sea Warfare Center – Carderock Division, USA)
Project overall cost: NA
CNR Institute(s) involved: INSEAN
CNR scientific focal point: Daniele Dessi
Project start date: 15.04.2014
Project duration: 36 months
CNR grant: 250 kUSD
INSEAN grant: 250 kUSD
Costs coverage: 50%
Project description, objectives and results:
The proposed activity aims to investigate global and local hydrodynamic loads as well as elastic responses of X-Craft catamaran in rough sea and to enhance understanding of correlation between applied loads and induced responses. The project focus on an innovative design of the elastic model which scales the hydrodynamic and structural ship behavior. The elastically scaled model is then aimed to provide a complete picture of the inflow conditions, loads and responses through extensive and high-quality data to be used for comparison with numerical predictions. In particular, the evaluation of hydroelastic coupling relative to wet-deck panels (metallic and composite) will be addressed with detailed experimental and numerical analyses and is regarded as a first step for future developing of slamming alleviation techniques.