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NICOP RDO (Stochastic Variable Physics SBD for High Speed Waterjet Ships)


Funding organisation(s): US Navy – Office of Naval Research
Project coordinator organisation: NA
Project overall cost: NA
CNR Institute(s) involved: INSEAN
CNR scientific focal point: Matteo Diez
Project start date: 01.09.2011
Project duration: 47 months
CNR grant: 205 kUSD
INSEAN grant: 205 kUSD
Costs coverage: 50%
Project description, objectives and results:
The objective of the project is twofold. Statistical decision analysis with deterministic high-fidelity simulations are combined in order to develop:

  1. efficient uncertainty quantification (UQ) procedures for the evaluation of expected value, standard deviation, and probability distribution of simulation outputs subject to stochastic inputs;
  2. stochastic simulation-based design (SBD) optimization methods, to get optimal designs relatively insensible to the stochastic variation of environmental and operating conditions.

UQ methods are developed in collaboration with NATO STO AVT-191 “Application of Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification to Military Vehicle Design” and applied to a NACA 0012 hydrofoil with variable Reynolds number and a high-speed catamaran in real ocean environment, with variable sea state and speed. A reliability-based robust design optimization (RBRDO) of the high-speed catamaran is performed for reduced resistance in wave and increased operability in ocean environment. The research is conducted in collaboration with the University of Iowa.