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NICOP RDO 2 (Stochastic SBD for Reduction of Added-Powering/Motions/Slamming for Surface Ships in Real Seas)


Funding organisation(s): US Navy – Office of Naval Research
Project coordinator organisation: NA
Project overall cost: NA
CNR Institute(s) involved: INSEAN
CNR scientific focal point: Matteo Diez
Project start date: 01.04.2015
Project duration: 24 months
CNR grant: 140 kUSD
INSEAN grant: 140 kUSD
Costs coverage: 50%
Project description, objectives and results:

The project addresses the development of high-fidelity stochastic simulation-based design (SBD) methodologies for challenging real-world applications. The focus is on:

  1. design space variability breakdown and dimensionality reduction;
  2. dynamic metamodels for uncertainty quantification (UQ) and optimization;
  3. global optimization algorithms addressing continuous distributions of environmental/operational conditions.

Since the early design phase, a significant portion of the operating envelope of complex naval systems is optimized under a variety of conditions, meeting the interests of the “Platform Design and Survivability” US Naval S&T Focus Area. The research is conducted with the University of Iowa, and in collaboration with NATO STO AVT-252 “Stochastic Design Optimization for Naval and Aero Military Vehicles”.