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SONIC (Suppression Of underwater Noise Induced by Cavitation)


Funding organisation(s): European Union
Project coordinator organisation: MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherland)
Project overall cost: 4300 kEUR
CNR Institute(s) involved: INSEAN
CNR scientific focal point: Mario Felli
Project start date: 01.10.2012
Project duration: 36 months
CNR grant: 300 kEUR
INSEAN grant: 300 kEUR
Costs coverage: 75%
Project description, objectives and results:
SONIC Project aims at developing tools for the study, diagnosis and design of vessels with low acoustic signatures, in order to reduce the effects of "shipping noise" on marine life. In particular, the objectives of the project include the following topics: 1) improve the understanding of the mechanisms of generation and propagation of "cavitation noise" caused by propellers; 2) validate tools for the prediction of noise radiated by a ship and develop simplified models for the classification of ships according to the levels of radiated noise; 3) Produce a map of the "shipping noise" in geographic areas with high levels of ship traffic and propose design solutions for the mitigation of "cavitation noise" and "machinery noise".