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Sustainable Exploitation of the Marine Environment

The extraction of natural gas and oil from the seabed, together with the exploitation of renewable energies, led to the proliferation of offshore structures moored, kept in position through thrusters or fixed to the seabed.
The severity of the marine environment can undermine the safety and the operability  of the structure, threatening crew's life and causing expensive damages. The study of the local and global environmental induced loads, of the consequent motions and of the structural reaction, as
well as the development of theoretical and numerical methods able to predict them, becomes then a fundamental task. The expertise, previously developed in the naval field, has been adopted to the research on renewable energies.

There are  devices already diffused for the energy extraction from the marine current and wind, they have been analyzed, in order to identify possible optimization strategies.
Finally, together with other public or private entities, our Institute is involved in the design and feasibility analysis of innovative devices that would have  a wide applicability range, and should be able to harvest several energy sources in the marine environment.