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Circulating Water Channel tests

Tests in circulating Water Channel under atmospheric pressure

  • Measurement of pressure distribution;
  • Measurement of axial wake et propeller disk (LDV);
  • Measurement of 3D wake et propeller disk (LDV);
  • LDV measurement of velocity components around the hull;
  • Visualization with wool tufts, or equivalent tools, of the flow pattern around and/or on the hull surface, at a given speed, displacement and trim:

Tests in depressurized circulating Water Channel

  • Visualization of possible cavitation on propellers, appendices, etc. in simulated self-propulsion, at each given test ship speed;
  • Test of isolated cavitating propeller in uniform flow;
  • Measurement of propeller-induced pressure on at the hull stern;
  • Measurement of noise radiated by cavitating propeller;
  • Tests for determining cavitation inception curves (bucket).